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Dermatology has become the common term among the people in the world. This term has changed the person’s perspective in the field of looks.
What is dermatology actually? Dermatology is the branch of science that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. It involves the study, research and diagnosis of normal and disorders.
With the change in life style, the race to look best or better than the other person is involving a very large section of society. Any change in look is possible with the new skin doctors in this century. A person need not to adjust with looks. This popular branch of science let the people get the looks or adjustments as per their requirements.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers have revolutionised the field of cosmetic dermatology. With the ageing of baby boomers, dermal fillers have become a sought-after rejuvenation procedure as they offer a youthful, three-dimensional look with minimal downtime. Fillers have become a common aesthetic treatment for several cosmetic problems. Several types of fillers are available from different sources and of different longevities. It is important that the treating physician be aware of the different techniques of administration and their possible side effects. Fillers are mainly used in the rejuvenation of facial areas. However, dermal fillers may also be used in non-facial areas and for cutaneous defects. Facial problems include wrinkles and folds, lip augmentation, depressed scars, nasal depressions, dermatological diseases etc. Non-facial areas include neck, décolleté and hands rejuvenation, corns and calluses.
There are many types of fillers available which are classified on the basis of longevity, origin, collagen-based products, human tissue-derived collagen, temporary fillers, synthetic fillers, semi-permanent fillers and permanent fillers.

Procedure to Inject fillers

The aesthetic benefit for the patient with temporary fillers can be attributed to 90% technique and 10% substance, whereas it is usually 99% technique with permanent fillers.
Preparation and anesthesia
The area of injection and also the surrounding skin should be cleaned properly with antiseptics. Anesthesia is important for technical benefit and the patient’s comfort. Anesthesia can be ensured by:
 Application of ice
​ Topical EMLA cream application
 Regional nerve blocks – infraorbital, mental, maxillary, submucosal – as applicable,
depending on the area
 Distraction Techniques such as massage, application of vibration
 Talking in a soothing and comforting manner – Talkesthesia
Injection technique
The choice of the injection technique depends on the indication, its location, the filler substance, size of the needle, and the experience of the injector. The techniques include:
1. Linear threading technique
2. Serial puncture
3. Fanning
4. Cross-hatching
5. Depot
6. Fern
7. Cone
The first four techniques are used commonly, whereas the last three are only used in special situations. It is important to place the filler in the right place and the bevel orientation is not a significant issue at any site.

Post injection management

Patients should be asked to avoid extreme cold or heat for 48 hours. Massaging of the treated area and strenuous physical activity should be avoided for six hours. Patients are asked to sleep with their heads elevated for one night; skin care routine may be followed after 24 hours.
Measures to achieve successful outcomes
A comprehensive treatment plan should be devised to suit the needs of each patient. Choosing the right filler for the right indication is vital. Where essential, combinations of fillers with botulinum toxin should be used to optimize the results. In such cases, it is advisable to inject the botulinum toxin first, wait for a week to see the improvement, and then, inject the filler to achieve best results.
The recovery period for this treatment is very little or equal to none. There are many short term problems that occur after this treatment such as some patients may experience bruising but that is short lived and it disappears. There may be the case where the patient might experience some bumps at the place where the injections have been given but similar to bruising, it is also short lived and at most one hour is enough and its gone. The most common problem swelling might also occur at the operated place, but it just takes less than a week for disappearing.
Which is the best filler?
The answer to the question is that no filler is best as everything depends on the kind of procedure a person need, the place which needs to be operated and to what extent it is needed. This is the scientific thing which only a doctor can judge. So doctor would provide all the answers after examining the particular area needed to be treated.
What is the cost of Dermal Filler Treatment?
With the advancement in lifestyle and growing age, the person would love to look and feel best in daily life. The stressful life and environmental factors make it very difficult to achieve these goals of a person. So cosmetic surgery is the best option but keeping apart all these factors the most important thing is cost for getting treated.
The cost mainly depends on what type, quantity and brand of dermal filler required for the treatment. Although this process in not very new in India, there are many clinics such as Dr. Vishal Chugh’Radiant Skin Clinic in Jaipur, which provide this treatment at very effective price. Dermal Fillers like Juvederm, which is useful for a beautiful and young look, is easily available at the mentioned clinics along with other clinics of the country as well.
With a variety of fillers flooding the market and with the aging of baby boomers aspiring to retain their youthfulness, careful selection of the patient, the dermal filler, and the technique can maximize patient satisfaction and lead to a successful outcome. All person must contact the dermatologists in case of any skin problem so that it could be treated with the best possible method and best possible technique and should get the problem treated on time to avoid any future problems.
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